Kaizen Gaming & GSIC present:

"Kaizen’s GameTech Innovation Challenge"

Kaizen Gaming in partnership with the Global Sport Innovation Center (GSIC) is launching an open call to test digital solutions that can help Kaizen create more engaging products and services for its customers.

:: Areas Of Competition ::

1. Social Interaction

Create social funnels where Kaizen's users will be able to interact with each other while they are watching live matches or playing casino games.

2. Live Sport Visualizations

Use computer vision technology or any other technology in order to create 3D visualizations for live sport matches.

3. Gamification in ιGaming

Open Challenge around Gamification in online Sports Betting and Casino. Think how p2p competitions can offer entertainment to Kaizen's users.

:: Challenge Timeline ::

30th January 23
Application opening!

Fill out our application form in order to participate in any of the three challenges. 

7th April 23
Application Closing

Application review will take place from January 30, 2023 to April 1st, 2023

**DEADLINE EXTENDED to 7th of April!

2nd May 2023
Finalists Announcement

Once the evaluation is completed, successful applicants will be contacted so that they can prepare for the final pitch.

9th May 2023
Final Pitch
Winners Selection

Following the final pitch, Kaizen Gaming and GSIC will evaluate the most suitable collaboration model with successful applicants and announce the winners.

Q3-Q4 2023
Final Phase
Testing Period

If applicable and depending on the nature of the agreement between Kaizen Gaming and the winners, an integration/testing period will be defined in order to implement the pilot project for Kaizen Gaming.

Are you ready to Compete?

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:: Prizes for the Winners ::

Ready, Set, Win!

One of the fastest growing GameTech companies internationally.

Kaizen Gaming is one of the fastest growing gametech companies internationally. With a focus on Technology and People we aim to continually improve our products and services to provide the best and most trusted online gaming experience to our customers around the world.


Official Regional Supporter

“The GSIC powered by Microsoft is an international reference meeting point for the sports industry worldwide”.

The GSIC facilitates synergies, business opportunities, and provides its members with value-added services that enable sports entities and technology providers to grow and develop with the help of experienced professionals of sports tech ecosystem.

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Interested participants will need to fill in the relevant information and submit their proposals via this Form.

Applications that fail to meet the deadline for close of applications will be disqualified automatically from the Challenge. 

The challenge’s timeline is as followed:

  • Applications open: January 30, 2023
  • Applications close: April 1, 2023 (**DEADLINE EXTENDED by 1 week!)
  • Finalists’ announcement: May 2, 2023
  • Final pitch: May 9, 2023
  • Announcement of winners: May 12, 2023

    *The organizers reserve the right to amend any of the above dates. 

Applying for this open call is free.

This call is open to any company that is up for the challenge, regardless of size or location/country. Participants can apply to any or all of the challenges announced. Companies may participate if they meet all of the following requirements:

The company is:

● Legally established;
● Has a dedicated full-time team to work on the proposed solution(s);
● Has previous experience in building innovative and technology-based solutions;
● The individuals working on the proposal must be of legal age in their respective jurisdictions. At the time when proposals are submitted, they must not be employees of Kaizen Gaming or GSIC; 

* Applicants who do not fulfill one or more of the requirement(s) listed above will not be eligible for participation. Kaizen Gaming and/or GSIC reserve(s) the right to disqualify any application that does not adhere to the Basis of Participation for this Competition.

Yes. Open to companies all over the globe.

The following criteria will be evaluated for the selection of participating submissions in each of the stages of the process:

This challenge is looking for credible teams who have solution(s) which will be assessed based on the following criteria:

1. Relevance – The extent to which the proposed solution addresses the
challenge, technically and conceptually.
2. Innovation – The level of innovation of the product or solution.
3. Feasibility – The potential of the solution to translate into a sustainable
pilot project.
4. Scalability – The extent to which the solution can scale.
5. Maturity of the team and the organization.

For the Pitch, the jury will evaluate the finalists based on:

✔ The aforementioned evaluation criteria;
✔ The materials (decks, videos, demos, etc.) submitted by the participant;
✔The pitch presentation.

The judging committee, made up of representatives from the sport’s ecosystem and organizing entities, is responsible, among others, for ensuring the correct development of the selection process and the quality of the same; resolving any doubts as to the eligibility of applications and the application of the rules; selecting the experts-evaluators who will externally rate the applications and assigning them the applications; short-listing the most promising companies and projects.

All the pitches and applications must be in English. Other languages will not be taken into account.

Experts in the areas of technology, gaming, sport, business, innovation, investment, entrepreneurship, and financing will participate in panel.

For any information and inquiries, please contact:

GSIC APAC: Iñigo Bonilla at [email protected]
GSIC HQ: Guillermo Marin at [email protected]

Challenge #1 : Social Interaction


Replace Kaizen’s current Live Chat solution with a new fresh live interaction platform.  Ability to have custom animated reactions, group chatting functionality, and more Web 3.0 functions.


#1 – Replace current solution in the same UI/UX

#2 – Try a Tik-Tok style navigation between each live matches and embed the new interaction solution.

  • Admin for Whitelist / Blacklist of words/phrases.
  • Auto ban mechanism based on rules. (After user reports others. Temp first then permanent)
  • Localization support
  • Solution has to be build in open source solution (xmpp, nostr, etc..) that can be able to be hosted in Kaizen’s infrastacture. and further developed by Kaizen’s team.

Challenge #2 : Sport Visualizations


Use computer vision technology or any other technic in order to create 3D visualizations for live sport matches.


#1 – Replace current solution in the same UI/UX on 2d screens. 


#2 – Ability to transfer these 3D assets in a VR/AR environment.

  • Low latency similar to current solutions in order not to have a big delay between actual incidents and visualization on user’s screen.
  • Solution can be hosted on Kaizen’s infrastructure.
  • Final implementation shouldn’t affect user’s experience on aspects like page speed, device/browser overloading.

Challenge #3 : Gamification in iGaming


Open Challenge around Gamification in Sportsbetting and Casino. Think how p2p competitions can offer entertainment to Kaizen’s users.


Create a gamification funnel that will integrate current mechanisms like Betfriends/Missions/Offers with Web 3.0 fresh UX and mechanics.

  (p2p betting fights, slot battles, leaderboards, etc..)

  • Solution shall be build on top of current mechanisms
  • Funnel must include both SB/GM or separate for markets that GM is not allowed 
  • Any use of blockchain technology (for e.g. tokenization) should be checked for compliance approval first